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EndNote: EndNote for Home Installation

An updated guide for the release of EndNote X9

EndNote for Home Installation

The WA Health licence agreement for EndNote allows for home installation on PCs or Macs.

You need to agree to the terms and conditions by completing a form.

Once you have done that, the software will automatically download to your PC or Mac.

Keeping EndNote software up to date

Once you have installed EndNote it is simple to check online for updates and install them.  There is an EndNote Knowledge Base article that explains how to do this.  Check every few months for updates.

Click on the link below to sign the licence agreement and begin the download of the installation files.

EndNote X9 installation files for Windows

Once you have completed the download, you will have two files included in a zipped file.

Right click 'Extract All' files.  This will place the two files in a directory called ENX9Inst or similar. Make sure that the msi file and License.dat are in the same folder.

Double click on the .msi fie to begin the installation.

Follow all prompts UNTIL the section headed - 'Select Installation Type'.

Choose a 'Custom' install.  If you choose 'Typical' install, it will not install all connectors, filters and styles.

In the section called 'Select Features', note the red crosses next to the folders for connectors, filters and styles.  Click on the red crosses next to each folder and change the setting to 'Select entire feature - will be installed on local hard drive'.

Continue with other prompts until the installation process in complete.

Read about compatability information.

Click on the link below to sign the licence agreement and begin the download of the installation file.

EndNote X9 installation files for Mac

Once you have completed the download, you will have the .dmg file.  Click o the .dmg file in order to begin the installation process.

Compatibility information.

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